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Accordatore HF Manuale 3000 W


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Output Power: 2500 Watts single tone continuous
HF Bands: 160m to 10m (assuming resistive load)
Tuning: Three controls
Antenna switching: 10 Amp RF 6 position mode switch for multiple antennas
Capacitor: low minimum custom variable capacitor; 460pF@6 kV
Roller inductor: 10 Amp silver-plated inductor wheel shaft and contact wheel on polyresin-fiberglass body
Impedance: matching range 20 Ohms to 1500 Ohms
Metering: Active crossneedle Peak/Peak Hold with backlighting
Meter power range: 0-300 Watts / 0-3000 Watts
Balun: Ferrite 1:1 inpupt balun
Output: Unbalanced/Balanced activated by front panel switch
Chassis: .090 ga. aluminium gold iridite coated
Top cover: .090 ga. aluminium powder coated
Front cover: .090 ga. aluminium powder coated
Dimensions: 15 1/8" wide x 7 5/8" high x 19" deep
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