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IC-9700E Icom

Ricetrasmettitore All Mode VHF/UHF/SHF


The Icom IC-9700 follows the form-factor of the hugely successful HF/6 meter IC-7300.

The IC-9700 covers 2 meters, 440 and 1.2 GHz bands. It will have many of the features of the IC-7300 including direct-sampling SDR architecture (down conversion IF sampling for 1.2 GHz band), color 4.3 inch color TFT touch screen and real-time spectrum display with waterfall. Additionally the radio supports D-Star, dual watch, cross-band repeat and has main and sub-receive.

Power output is: 100 watts on 2 meters, 75 watts on 440 MHz and 10 watts at 1.2 GHz.

This radio requires 13.8 VDC 18 Amps.

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