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RatPak Array Solution

Commutatore Antenna 6 ingressi 1 Uscita 5Kw


The Array Solutions RATPAK System - Remote Antenna Switch with Rotary Controller

  1. Six antennas to one feed line
  2. All Aluminum WX proof and R.F. proof construction, no plastic!
  3. Micro-Strip PCB architecture 
  4. Heavy-duty open frame R.F. relays
  5. Supplied with a galvanized U-bolt to mount to the tower leg
  6. Surge protection built into the relay box to protect the RATPAK's internal relays
  7. Control box is easy to see, and you can write on it or use labels
  8. Controllable with all automatic band decoders on the market
  9. Flat SWR from DC to 6 meters
  10. 5 kW CCS and 7.5 kW ICAS rating 3:1 SWR 
  11. Can be  modified for 12V source or sink operation
  12. Unused antennas are grounded, but a trace can be cut to open them if desired
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