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Interfaccia modi digitali


Amateur Radio first 24-bit USB Audio Interface


micro KEYER III™ is the world first and the only amateur radio USB interface featuring high dynamic range, 24-bit audio processing chain on all signal stages. It is the most powerful single radio All-In-One USB interface and the only USB interface to fully support digital and voice operation including microphone switching in one box. With a single USB port, micro KEYER III™ works with any Windows-based logging or control program for CW, Voice, FSK and Digital operation (RTTY, FT8, WSJT, PSK31, SSTV, etc.). micro KEYER III™ includes a CAT, radio control interface that supports all common standards (RS-232, CI-V, Kenwood and Yaesu TTL), a powerful CW memory keyer using genuine K1EL's WinKey, a Digital Voice Keyer for SSB, two channel audio processing for transceivers with dual receivers, automatic microphone selection, and a buffer/sequencer for amplifier or LNA control.

Compared to 16-bit audio interfaces, or to any USB enabled transceiver, including flagship transceivers from well known manufacturers (as of autumn 2018), unique 24-bit USB audio processing in the micro KEYER III™ provides advantage in higher dynamic range (>105dB), preserving transceiver performance also for audio processing on computer (digital modes), otherwise limited by 16-bit USB audio signal chain.

For connection to the transceiver micro KEYER III™ uses special, transceiver specific DB37 cable, same as used with original MK, MKII or MK2R+. micro KEYER III™ keeps full backward compatibility for native control from logger programs and is compatible with all accessories made for MKII.

Along with completely new audio, micro KEYER III™ brings quite a lot of new features too. For more details or check what's new or different compared to previous MKII model, please click Features button below or read the micro KEYER III™ manual.

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